mammon rising....

  • Posted: 8:04 PM
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  • Author: Heather Bannister

       I have been wondering lately what the line is between providing a comfortable life for yourself or family, and greed.  I have been trying to pay more and more attention to this line in the last few months, hoping not to cross it.  When do we draw the line between only getting what we need and enjoying the fruits of our labors?  What is an appropiate amount of "enjoyment"?  Who decides?
        In the Bible, distinctions are made fairly clear, rich man does not enter heaven, or if he's pretty hard.  So should we live poorly?  Many believe so, like so many monks who take vows of poverty in order to emulate Jesus, or some who are just ok doing without.  I wanted to post this almost more as a discussion piece than anything else, I want to hear what people think and feel about this.  I want to find out what "greedy" is to you.  Please comment with your own thoughts or definitions, but remember, a discussion forum is different than a debate forum.... no fighting, no foul language, and I reserve the right to delete anything I deem inappropriate.  If it is clean, friendly and topical, it will not be removed. Ok, now, ready.....set......GO!