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  • Author: Heather Bannister

              These videos are for everyone, of every tolerance level.  It doesn't matter if you "don't need to see/know this stuff" or not.  you do need to, you need to know what is going on and keep yourself informed.  This will be one of few blog posts that have any sort of military/political topics, sorry if you came for my usual topics, but I felt like getting this out.
               http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR4z9ohRxEc&feature=related (this is a series of four, titled similarly, just look for the other three)

                What have we done?  Who are we that we could do the things we do?  We have lost our heart for our fellow man.  The things that go on in today's society are despicable.  I speak not of the horrid things that plaster our daily news briefs.  No, I am talking about the thing that the news won't, or isn't allowed to cover.
               When I started this blog, I promised myself that I wasn't going to dabble into politics and things, but rather stick with what I know.  However, I have begun to see, read and hear things that I cannot turn a blind eye to.  I recently discovered a few videos that pushed me beyond the point of holding back.  I sourced the videos above and would ask that you watch them before reading any further.  I will not describe them here because I want you to see with your own eyes just a small sampling of what our blind eye is turned to. 
               Now that you've seen them, how do you feel....  Still defending freedom are we?  Or are we rather enforcing tyranny in the form a police state.  Almost a decade we have spent over there.....still no freedom.  Sure, they can vote.  Women are still wearing burkahs, men still run everything.  Funny how a few hundred years ago when a group of people wanted to get out from under the thumb of another countries rule it took eight years.  Bear in mind, that was eight years of one of the smallest and most ill equipped armies in the world fighting the largest and most well equipped, not the other way around.  We are the most capable military in the world!  Yet we are being fought off by a group of insurgents from from a small, poor and almost inhospitable country.  Let's consider the terminology here for a minute.  "Insurgent" according to the dictionary definition is a person who engages in armed resistance to a government or to the execution of its laws ( http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/insurgent ).  So from the get go, we are, by definition, saying that these people are opposed to our mode of government.  In other words, they were happy the way it was, however bizarre that seems to us.  Now, it would seem to me that if these insurgents had remained a credible threat to the security of the country for this long, one has to wonder how long to keep fighting before you let them have their country back....
                We don't care though, we are on a mission.  We need an armed presence in as many countries as we can get.  We are one the few notions of the world that can boast that.  Some say "impressive", I say disgraceful.  Our presence is not needed the world over.  It is needed when there are CREDIBLE direct threats to our nation.  Not implied threats, we don't need "preemptive" attacks.  Where I'm headed, however roundabout a path I may have gone,  is that by keeping our soldiers in this environment, we increase the risk of their complete desensitization.  A certain level is required to be in the military, I will not deny that, but where do we draw the line?  Ask yourselves how far you are willing to go for a piece of dirt, or some goo from the ground.  How many lives will you risk, how many will you destroy?  We have lost our heart for humanity in the search for gold....
                  This is by no means a definitive article and I am by no means an expert.  This article is based on my own and a select few others research.  This is my own opinion, if your differs or this offends you, I do not apologize and I will take none of this back.  I have a right to my opinion, you don't have to agree, but please comment etc...  I would love to hear what you all have to say, if anything.